Russian Song of the Day: Мне нравится

February 27, 2013

One of my favorite types of Russian song is when they put famous poems to music.  This is one area that I feel English music is lacking.  Why has no one done this in English to the great poems of Robert Frost? John Donne?

This poem/song is by the poetess Marina Tsvetaeva, a contemporary of one of my favorite poets, Anna Akhmatova. Tsvetaeva, like Akhmatova, suffered many tragedies in her life. Her husband was suspected of being a spy in 1941 and was executed.  She hanged herself in 1941.

On a lighter note, this song comes from the soundtrack of one of the most famous Soviet era romantic comedies “Ирония судьбы или с легким паром”, “The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath”. It is to New Year’s Day in Russia what “A Christmas Story” is to our Christmas day. Meaning, they play it over and over.  The Tsvetaeva poem is beautifully put to music (one verse was subtracted) and song by the beautiful

This movie is so popular I plan to dedicate a series of posts to it this year at the holiday season.  I know, that’s so cruel of me to make you wait so long.

Many beloved songs came from this film. I’ll link to them at the bottom of the post. Mosfilm prohibits me from showing the clip on my blog so just click on the link it gives you to watch it.

Мне нравится

An interesting fact: Because Nadya (the film character singing in this clip) was from Poland and had a strong accent in Russian she had two voice doubles. The famous singer Alla Pugacheva is the singing voice and Valentina Talyzina as the speaking voice.

Other songs from this film include:

“Никого не будет дома”

“По улице моей” 

“Я спросил у ясеня”

One Response to “Russian Song of the Day: Мне нравится”

  1. Even now I have to watch this movie every New Year’s Eve.
    Love the song too!

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